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detention for stealing

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Maria is a 12-year-old female that has been detained for stealing. Maria comes from a broken home where she encountered a lot of abuse. Maria has been stealing to have money for food and shelter.

Discuss if Maria has any common characteristics juvenile offenders share. In your discussion, cover other social characteristics juvenile offenders might have in common.

-Identify the theories of juvenile delinquency and how they relate to the concept of juvenile crime.
-Identify the social characteristics of juvenile offenders and the implications of family, class, and education.

Can you include reference, please?

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Maria has common characteristics juvenile offenders share with others. She has been driven by the harmful effects of social and economic development. She seems to be negatively affected by economic crises and the weakening institution of the family. This is exactly why she needs to steal to get food and shelter. The socio-economic breakdown often emerges as long term unemployment and low incomes among the young, and this increases the involvement of the young in criminal activity.

From the perspective of social learning theories, Maria conforms and accepts the rules, laws, and mores of society. These theories indicate that Maria has learned from the role models in her milieu that stealing money for food ...

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