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Gathering Electronic Evidence

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Can you help me with these questions above and below?
Identify the various types of electronic evidence, including potential sources of electronic evidence.
What are the advantages of electronic evidence?
What are the disadvantage electronic evidence?
Is electronic evidence discoverable in federal court? In state courts?
What are the special requirements to be followed when dealing with electronic evidence that a party wants to use as evidence during ligation?
Do you think electronic evidence should be freely discoverable and admissible in ligation?

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Identify the various types of electronic evidence, including potential sources of electronic evidence.

Electronic evidence is regulated by Rules 26 and 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the governance of electronic information makes this type of discovery available for broad discovery but there are strict protections for any party that has to disclose the electronic information. Rule 26 dictates that all parties in litigation are required to disclose a copy of data compilations and tangible things such as electronics that would be relevant to dispute facts alleged in any litigation but necessitates that the Court can limit the accessibility if the Court decides that discovery sought is unreasonably expensive and more ...

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The expert identifies the various types of electronic evidence. The potential sources of electronic evidence is determined.

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