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    Evidence in Criminal Investigations

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    Do you think evidence plays a crucial role in every criminal investigation? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
    What do you think are the primary roles of evidence in criminal investigations? Explain.

    If you had to select one, which of the following is the most important step in processing evidence?
    - Recognition
    - Documentation
    - Collection
    - Preservation

    Besides simply being exhibited for the court to ensure a criminal conviction, how else do you think physical evidence can be used to assist criminal justice professionals? Explain and be specific. Please include references cited in APA format.

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    I think that evidence does play a crucial role in every criminal investigation, due to the fact that evidence forms the basis from which a criminal case is developed. In addition, evidence helps to validate the criminal investigation that is taking place, and the more evidence that is collected the more reinforcement for the ongoing criminal investigation process. The primary roles of evidence in criminal investigations includes forming the foundation that warrants the initial ...