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Evidence: Circumstantial, Real, and Physical

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You are the lead investigator at a sniper-type shooting at the local university. Somebody fired about 6 shots from the fourth floor of a parking garage, striking 3 students and 1 instructor. The instructor and one of the students died. The other two students are likely to recover. The students of the instructor who died related the instructor's really bad argument with a student about capital punishment and a paper that was submitted. Because of plagiarism, the instructor gave the student an F for the paper. The student told the instructor that he had better be careful because he (the student) is a crack shot. The instructor kicked the student out of class following the threat. The student was located down the street in a local tavern having a beer about an hour after the shooting. Police took him into custody. The student suspect drives a pickup truck with a gun rack. A partial box of .30 caliber rifle shells were found on the floorboard of the truck, but no weapon was recovered.

Identify the circumstantial evidence that is related in this case. Why is this evidence important? Explain.
Identify the real or physical evidence in this case? Why is this evidence important? Explain.
What type of demonstrative evidence would assist the jury in understanding what happened in this case? Explain

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Identify the circumstantial evidence that is related in this case. Why is this evidence important? Explain.
The circumstantial evidence is the statements made by the student in class about threatening to be a "crack shot", which is an implied threat. This evidence is important because it represents ...

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This is a response looking at the importance of evidence and the impact it has on the jury.

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I need help addressing each question in detail:
What is real, or physical, evidence? Describe.
Provide 3 examples of a piece of real evidence.
What is the importance of physical or real evidence to the investigation? Explain.
What are two methods of demonstrative evidence used to clarify the issues surrounding actions or lack of actions at a crime scene for a judge or jury? Explain.
How would they help the triers of fact to better understand the evidence? Explain.
What is the difference between direct evidence and circumstantial evidence? Explain.
What is the concept of overwhelming circumstantial evidence? Explain.
Can it be enough for a conviction? Why or why not?
Be sure to cite each source used in APA format

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