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Police Power and the constitution.

In this solutin the origins of the power that police have is discussed beginning with the fact that the power of policing the population is first issued through legislative measures that criminalize or outlaw certain behaviors. In-depth discussion on this and its relation to the constitution is provided.

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When the term police power is used by John Q, it typically is in reference to the amount of control that police can have over the lives of citizens, but it has its origins in the United States Constitution. Police have the ability to use discretionary powers to arrest and detain citizens effectively denying their freedom police have immense power. In addition police also possess the power to take the lives of suspects that pose a clear and imminent danger to either the police or the public. With powers such as these, many believe that limiting the police's use of these powers is imperative to control the use of these extraordinary powers that few others have in society.

The term police power has its origins in the U.S. Constitution that provides the states with the power to regulate behavior within their boundaries to conform with moral, civil, and health norms. ...