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Firearms and Victimless Crimes

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I need some help generating ideas on whether or not possession and carrying of firearms, or the illegal purchase of a firearm are "victimless" crimes? Why are such offenses not usually listed as victimless crimes?

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Carrying firearms wouldn't be construed as a victimless crime because it doesn't meet the criteria for this definition. Victimless crimes entail crimes that involve an individual engaging in behavior that is construed as harmful to their personal wellbeing or in contrast to social norms that define what is supposedly harmful or not. Therefore, when someone smokes heroin, they could be considered a victim of a victimless crime because the person is engaging in behavior that would be potentially harmful to themselves and is in defiance of society's norms in regard to what "drugs" are acceptable as tobacco and alcohol are accepted despite the fact that they kill dramatically more people than heroin. The heroin user will be considered a criminal that engages ...

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This solution looks at why the illegal possession of firearms is not considered a victimless crime in relation to the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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write a 2 page essay discussing whether or not the possession and carrying of firearms or the illegal purchase of a firearm are "victimless" crimes.
Why are offenses such as these not usually listed as victimless crimes?

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