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    Evidence-Chain of Custody Procedures

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    Discuss the chain of custody. When preparing a case for court, you find that one package of evidence has not been signed for properly, and a signature is missing. On another package, the seal is broken. It had been previously sent to the lab.

    What is your first course of action?
    Can these situations be fixed?
    Is this acceptable for court why or why not?

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    The first course of action in the above mentioned scenario is to conduct a thorough investigation about the origins of the evidence and ascertain who was supposed to sign the signatures for the evidence. If a retracing can occur that can provide insight into the parties that were responsible for signing out the evidence and who were in charge of ensuring that proper procedures were performed, the evidence may be able to be tracked and still provided in court without defense attorneys having the autonomy to challenge the validity and reliability of the evidence. This is what must be done for several reasons including the fact that even if the situation can't be fixed, the ...

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