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    The Concept of Justice

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    I need help developing the following:
    Define the concept of justice.
    Explain how the concept of justice relates to the field of criminal justice, emphasizing how it should be applied by law enforcement officers.
    Explain three (3) ways Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development can be applied to the evaluation of three (3) types of criminals who are at different stages of moral development.
    Recommend three (3) effective and ethical methods of deterrence for the selected criminals. (One (1) method for each criminal.)

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    The concept of justice is steeped in social contract that dictates society will provide "justice" for people who are wronged in exchange for these people giving up some of their previous inalienable tribal rights such as retribution and revenge attacks. Prior to the social contract, civilization was based on tribal nomadic living wherein people would constantly move, live in small isolated tribes with little protection, and engage in a battle for the scant resources that were available. This led to conflict between the different tribes with retribution and revenge as the forms of justice exerted by people against each other.

    Once the ideology of cities begun to emerge, the society as we currently understand it emerged with the offer to tribal people of security in "numbers", more resources and food, as well as general opportunities for improved living were offered to the those who would give up some of their previous rights as tribal people. This included offering citizens the ability for justice when crimes were committed against them. In order for the people to join the society, they were required to abide by the laws of society and refrain from issuing out vigilante justice that was customary during the tribal times. Therefore, the concept of justice began to be understood as providing justice under the law for citizens who were wronged or had crimes committed against them, their families or loved ones by the "state". The concept is predicated upon giving the person the best form ...

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    The concept of justice is examined. How it relates to the field of criminal justice is emphasized. The expert explains three ways Kohlberg's stages of moral development can be applies to the evaluate of three types of criminals who are at different stages of moral development.