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    Car accident

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    I got in a car accident, so I'd like to know how can I get my rights.


    1. Location: in A residential complex.
    2. I have liability insurance
    3. I am in IL.
    4. While I was driving inside the complex ( speed 13 M) the other car come out quickly from the private parking and hit me in the front of my car.
    5. His car got bumped in the rear and whole my car front is damaged.
    6. This morning the insurance company r sent an investigator to see my car and take a picture of it. When he was finished I asked him when they can repair my car andhis answer was that theywill not cover all the damage. Then I said, "Why"? He did not answer me and said I'll call you later.

    What I should do now? And in the case they will not repair my car, what I do?

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    This is definitely a unique posting for Brainmass.

    I would calm down and take deep breath to start - RELAX.

    You have insurance which is the most important thing. You were doing the speed limit which is the 2nd most important thing.

    Did you call the police and file a police report? Did you contact your insurance company - if not, you need to contact them right away and file a claim. Your insurance company will do all the negotiating for you. If your insurance company finds that you are not at fault, you will be just required to pay your deductible - $50, ...

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    What to do in a car accident