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Personnel Handbook - Job Security

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What would you advise a CEO who is revising the company's Personnel Handbook wants to include some language on job security.

As the owner of a moving company, it has come to your attention that one of your drivers was recently arrested for drunk driving and lost his license. He has been with the company for several years and is well liked. He has a large family and a huge mortgage. What should you do and why?

Someone applies for a job loading trucks with at a Warehouse. He has a tattoo of a Harley on his forearm. During the interview the candidate he won't be hired with a tattoo as company policy forbids the company to hire anyone with a tattoo, even if not working in the public eye. Can the job candidate sue for discrimination?

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1. Job Security

This is touchy subject as the expectation with "job security" is that the employment will be long term from the employee's point of view. Long term can mean well into the normal retirement years. This can of course lead to possible issues in age discrimination when developing a policy.

I would advise against a mandatory retirement age as this may lead to law suits in the long run. Also you must watch out for policies which appear neutral but are in actuality used to remove elderly workers from the force simply due to their age.

The dilemma that ...

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