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    Human Resources Response to Chemical Plant Civil Lawsuit

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    Introduction: You are recently appointed as records manager for a chemical plant. After two days of your joining, a major accident in the plant results in the death of an employee and injury to several other employees. As required by law, your task is to provide the requested employment information to the government agencies, such as OSHA, Workers Compensation, Social Security Administration, Health organizations, hospitals, the estate of the deceased, and the court organizations. As you gather the data, your company's legal counsel informs you that a civil suit has been filed against the company by the estate of the deceased employee.

    1. What kind of employee information will the organization need to provide to the concerned government agencies?
    2. Which HR function is responsible for collecting information related to a deceased or injured employee?
    3. Which laws govern the maintenance of this type of employment information?
    4. How can you as a responsible records manager, assist your company's legal counsel in this matter?

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    Good record keeping is an important human resource function. It begins when the employee enters into the human resource department. The job application and interview notes are on file. The job description and knowledge, skills, assessments are included. A signed application stating all information is valid is included. The employee signed handbook is on file for review. The beginning pay rate and personnel assessments are on file. If the employee had any disciplinary actions they are on file.

    The personnel file has the completed job application updated with the employee's current ...

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    This solution discusses how Human Resources respond to a chemical plant lawsuit. What type of employee documents are part of the permanent employee file. What files are required by law for the organization to maintain and retain. MS word document contains detailed step by step information regarding Social Security Adminstration, Health Organizations, Hospitals and OSHA documentation requirements are attached for your downloading convenience.