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    Ethical Issue - The Case of Failing to Measure Up

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    Seymour Kurland hired Ezold to be an associate at the law firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen. Kurland advised Ezold that making partner would be difficult because she was a woman who had not attended an Ivey League law school. Ezold was denied partner status. Kurland had no vote in the decision.
    Ezold claimed she was assigned classes inferior to those assigned to male associates. She argued that this coupled with Kurland's remarks constituted sex discrimination.
    The law firm reported that Kurland's remarks were made during an interview many years before when Ezold was hired. Furthermore, the law firm stipulated that Kurland played no part in the decision-making process. Finally, the law firm asserted that Title VII preserves the employer's freedom of choice in hiring and promotion decision absent evidence of discrimination, which is lacking here.

    1 - Was Ezold treated fairly by the law firm?
    2 - Were Kurland's remarks unethical?
    3 - Is it ethical if fewer women are promoted to partner than men?

    Please answer all questions separate. Thanks

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    1 - Was Ezold treated fairly by the law firm?

    The fact that Ezold did not attend an Ivey League school does not placate that she is unable to excel at her position as her ascension throughout the law firm should be predicated upon her work for the law firm. Therefore, she was treated unfairly by being told that she would face automatic difficulty becoming a ...

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    The ethical issues for the case of failing to measure up are examined.