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Writing a Case Brief

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In a contract matter, a case brief consists of the relevant facts of the transaction in the case, its procedural history, the issue(s) disputed. the rule governing the transaction, the current court's decision on the case, and the reason why the court granted the judgment it did.

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Relevant Facts:
Plaintiff is in the business of buying corn from farmers for resale. Defendant is in the farming business. On April 16, 1973, plaintiff offered to buy and defendant agreed to sell 18,000-20,000 bushels of corn at $1.22 per bushel. The parties mutually agreed that a third party carrier would haul the corn for resale. Plaintiff's employee made an entry of this transaction in a ledger in plaintiff's office. On May 7, 1973, plaintiff's employee sent the third party carrier to haul the corn. Defendant told the carrier he could not haul the corn and told plaintiff's employee that he, defendant, cannot deliver the corn to plaintiff. Plaintiff's employee gave defendant an additional month to comply. On June 4, 1973, plaintiff's employee contacted defendant to inquire about the delivery and defendant stated his refusal to deliver. Three days later, defendant made no delivery. On June 13 and June 26, 1973, plaintiff's employee contacted another seller to purchase bushels of corn.

This case was first decided ...

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