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    Spanish -Sentences using -go verb in Spanish

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    Write sentences using the -go verb (in Spanish).

    a. Using at least five of the "-go" verbs (poner, salir, tener, venir, decir, oír, traer, and hacer) and the weather expressions, write one of the following about the weather: short story, or short poem, or short dialogue, or short song.


    b. Write at least 10 complete sentences using these words (poner, salir, tener, venir, decir, oír, traer, and hacer) and some expressive words on your own

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    a. Hace calor. (It's hot.~use of hacer + weather expression)
    Mi amiga dice que es un buen día para ir a la playa. (My friend says that it's a nice day to go to the beach.~use of decir)
    Primero tengo que comprar un traje de baño. (First, I have ...

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