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    Pipeline from Liberia and Mali

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    We are a company based in Houston. We are going to Liberia to start a business. We are going to build pipelines from Liberia to Mali. We are going to get water from the ocean remove the water from it pump it to Mali in return we are going to pump the oil from Mali to Liberia. Mali has no running water but has a lot of oil. Liberia is on the coast and we will be able to use the coast to ship items back and forth

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    Political risk in the case of pipelines between two countries such as Liberia and Mali includes the stability of the governments, but more importantly the stability of relations with the countries in a volatile area of the world.

    According to the CIA factbook the country of Liberia, located just south of the highly volatile Sierra Leone ...

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    The political risk in a pipeline from Liberia to Mali and back.