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    Strategic predispositions in management

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    Luthans and Doh (2012) describe four strategic predispositions. Select one strategic predisposition as your go-to strategy or one that you relate to the most. Explain how you would use it to strengthen your abilities as an international manager. Briefly describe how the other strategic predispositions differ from your go-to strategy. Provide an example of when it is appropriate to use each strategic disposition.

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    I have selected Polycentric predisposition. This is a type of predisposition in which multinational organizations adapt or modify their strategic decisions to suit the local culture, customs, business practices and consumer preferences of the local market in which the MNC operates. In other words, the strategies are localized or customized to exploit the market opportunities in different markets across the world because the MNC considers each market as unique and thus, wants to adapt to the local market scenario to maximize the growth potential of the MNC. The main objective of the MNC in this case is to develop product/service and marketing strategies for acceptance by the local customers and enhance responsiveness as per local market conditions. The subsidiaries or units operating in each market have greater autonomy to make strategu decisions as per local conditions.

    Lets assume that I work as an international marketing manager for a leading automobile company based in United States. I have selected Polycentric disposition as my go-to-market strategy for exploring growth opportunities in several ...