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    Motivation: International Business

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    This unit is about motivating and leading, but there are dramatic differences and conflicts in how to motivate in different countries. How can a manager motivate people using the needs hierarchy in the international context? What are the conflicting motivational techniques in Western-Russian joint ventures?

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    In the pyramid of hierarchy of needs suggested by Abraham Maslow, the needs are physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization (a). In the international context, when a manager offers to fulfill the need of an employee provided the employee achieves his firm's objective, the employee is motivated. For example, when the manager announces that every employee who produces 120% of this target or above will be given an award in a gathering of ...

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    This solution explains how employees can be motivated using the hierarchy of needs in the international context. The sources used are also included in the 268-word solution. The references are given to aid in understanding of the question.