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Cultural Exploration: Fiesta San Juan

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Keeping in theme with the topic of Spain's celebrations, research one celebration in Spain that you have never heard about. Find out the following information:

What is the celebration/festival?
What is the origin and reason for the celebration/festival?
Who participates? Where does it take place??
How is this festival celebrated? (What does it look like to be there among the participants?)
Why did this celebration get your attention and would you like to participate in it?

Think about a celebration or holiday you celebrate here in the U.S. and compare and contrast how and why your celebration is similar and/or different than the celebration you are presenting. Don't just clue into obvious differences, but think about the reasons, meaning, and purpose along with the level of enthusiasm and importance behind the celebration.

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What is the celebration/festival?
The feast of San Juan, which is also known as the celebration of Summer Solstice.

What is the origin and reason for the celebration/festival?
It celebrates the shortest night of the year, the summer solstice. It is the time when the light wins over the dark and celebrates those things most essential to the light such as fire, water, and the sun.

Who participates? Where does it take place??
Celebrations occur all over Spain and most especially in the mountain areas where the summer is a time to move animals to higher pastures. The cities also celebrate with decorations of leaves, branches, and flowers used as decorations and herbs are used as blessings. Some cities and towns celebrate with the decorations of leaves and branches, especially over the balconies of young girls and ...

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