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Death Penalty Trends

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Over the last 10 years the number of new death sentences and executions has steadily decreased. Berry (2010) suggests that there are two reasons for the decline. First of all, there is an ever increasing number of the discovery of innocent people on death row. Through the use of DNA evidence, during the past decade several people who were on death row were exonerated. A second reason for the decline of the use of the death penalty has been the use of alternative sentencing; life without parole.

Given the rise in these two phenomena, do you think that the death penalty is on its way to extinction?

When its comes to offenders that sells drugs are getting more time in jail, then someone who murders someone else. Why do you think that is happening?

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It seems there are two questions here.

As for the first question, it doesn't seem clear that the death penalty is on its way towards extinction, as much as it is on its way to major refinement. What seems most rational, given historical trends and legal precedents, is that the death ...

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A few trends and peculiarities regarding the death penalty are touched upon in brief.