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    Muhammad and the Creation of Islam

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    What are the religious roots Muhammad used to craft Islam? How did Muhammad obtain religious and political success in uniting the factional Arab tribes? How did Muhammad convert non-Arabs to Islam?

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    What are the religious roots Muhammad used to craft Islam?

    Muhammad depended heavily on the Jewish Bible. He essentially adopted or adapted huge portions of the Old Testament. Much of the Koran is either lifted word for word from the Bible or is a rough translation of it. The holy men and prophets in Islam are identical to those in the Old Testament except for the fact that Muhammad is considered to be the last and most important prophet. Jesus is just a man not the son of God as He claimed. Muhammad only founded the Islamic religion around the year 600. However, he had been exposed to the religious beliefs of Christianity and Judaism and seems to have borrowed heavily from them even claiming that it was the angel Gabriel that gave him the message now recorded as ...

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    This is a discussion of the origins of Islam. The steps taken by Muhammad to gain control of the numerous tribes in the Middle East are discussed. Over 450 words of original text along with links to sources.