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Likely outcome of a European War started in October 1938

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What happened at Munich in 1938 has become an oft-cited example of the lessons of history by politicians today - particularly when dealing with questions of war or peace.

The following outline examines the following questions regarding Munich and provides an excellent basis for research into this seminal historic event.
-1)What were Hitler's aims and did he achieve them? Why did he settle at Munich?
-2)What were the aims of Britain and France? Did they achieve them?
-3)What was the likely outcome of a European War started in October 1938?

Used for class presentation "Origins and Conduct of the Second World War" at the London School of Economics, 2002-2003.

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The likely outcomes of a European War started in October 1938 are found. The aims of Britain and France are given.

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1.)What were Hitler's aims and did he achieve them?
-Hitler wanted a military victory in a limited war that would result in the destruction of Czechoslovakia and the incorporation of its various resources into the Reich.
-He did not achieve this at Munich, although what he did achieve was much better. (for the Germans of course)

A.May 30, 1938 - Hitler and his "irrevocable decision" to destroy CZ

B.Substantial Preparation
1.Hitler's interference with military planning
2.Isolation of CZ in East through involvement of Poland and Hungary
3.Propaganda and Pretext - the plight of the Sudetens
4.Westwall construction and threat of Luftwaffe to deter France
5.Support of Italy, and at least passive support of Japan

Why did Hitler abandon war?

A.Threat of a general war
1.Partial mobilization of Royal Navy, also in France after Bad Godesberg
2.Italy has ...

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