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    This posting describes the indigenous groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Argentina. It also examines how the dominant population treated minority populations in Argentina. It also explores these questions:

    What is the role of women in Argentina deciding reproductive strategies?

    What is the per capita income of Argentina? How unevenly is income distributed?

    Describe the cultural, political, and economic differences between countries.

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    As you complete this lengthy task, please allow some of my notes and research links to help:

    First, as you describe the indigenous groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Argentina with an approximate for each group's percentage within the general population, the numbers vary. Please focus on that fact that accuracy in numbers is highly debated.

    However, research indicates that "while Argentina has considered itself a crisol de razas or melting pot, it has only recently begun to recognize itself as a multicultural, multiracial society" (http://academic.udayton.edu/race/06hrights/GeoRegions/SouthAmerica/argentina01.htm). In turn, you might want to look at how most sources report "Argentina's population as 97 per cent white, mostly of Spanish and Italian descent" (http://academic.udayton.edu/race/06hrights/GeoRegions/SouthAmerica/argentina01.htm). Research estimates other races such as "three percent mestizo (Amerindian' and European), Amerindian, or other nonwhite groups" (http://academic.udayton.edu/race/06hrights/GeoRegions/SouthAmerica/argentina01.htm).

    As you overview how the dominant population treated minority populations in Argentina in the past, please note many cases of racial discrimination. Research shows that the "government of Argentina has taken significant formal steps toward the elimination of racial discrimination over the last decade. However, the measures provided by legal and institutional changes are still in the initial stages of implementation and have been substantially hindered by a lack of funds, the logistical ...

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    Argentina's cultural scope is briefly covered.