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    Global Business Strategies: Venture

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    I am needing assistance with the hypothetical global business venture idea below. Please use original information.

    The idea is to start a Malbec-Charbono Express wine bar service in Napa and Argentina. Malbec is a famous grape in Argentina, the most commonly grown variety and Charbono is the second most commonly grown variety. The country consumes 90% of the wine it produces and during the past few years have seen the birth of numerous tourist-friendly wineries with free tours and tastings.

    I have listed below some of the ideas that I have developed for the marketing mix, but needing significant elaboration and explanation with this piece as well as the other two and seriously struggling as this is hypothetical.

    1. Explain the rationale for selecting Argentina. Discuss risks of doing business in this county

    2. Determine the marketing mix specific to the service and explain a choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresses product modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business in Argentina. Include market indicators and trends for the service.

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