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Exit strategies

I need some help in evaluating various business strategies for Canada. We are a company who has created a joint venture relationship: I need help in evaluating the various exit strategies in Canada; e.g. divestiture of assets, handing over business to joint venture business partner, or shut down the operation and finally what would be the contingencies for global ventures?

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Evaluate various exit strategies (e.g., divestiture of assets, handing over to joint venture partner, diversification, or shutting down operation), and contingencies for your global venture

The factors that should be considered for exit strategy are:

A) Industry/Market growth rate
If the industry growth rate is declining then the market becomes unattractive

B) Company growth rate
If the company growth is declining then also the market becomes unattractive

C) Unfavorable government regulations

D) Decline in profits due to competition, change in demand besides other factors. Suitable exit strategy
Divestiture of the assets
It ...

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