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Entrepreneur Options for an Exit Strategy

What options do entrepreneurs have for an exit strategy as their venture become promising, and what are the considerations they must take into account for the various options?

List the various options that entrepreneurs have for exit strategies, i.e., to leave the business and recoup their investment.
Give an explanation of each option, along with the pros and cons of each option.
Are there any options that is preferred for particular kinds of companies, e.g., IPO for high tech, flip (sell) for service organizations, etc.?

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Exit Strategy:

As corporations grow in their general operations, new techniques have to be adopted. The exit strategies enable the organization to take up new opportunities and develop modes on how to expand the company. The exit strategies are the techniques that are used by a company to alter their products and other organizational operations so as to venture into a beneficial and active market economy. The overall corporate strategies of the organization should hence have the following exiting strategies to be viable alternative that will make the operations of the company to be profitable: mergers and acquisition, initial public offering, sell to a friendly individual, make it your cash cow and liquidation and close. Through the above stated exit strategies, the organization should bear in mind that these exist strategies will provide the corporation with the financial security, financial opportunity and an enhanced value for the company and the products (Exit Strategies, 2012).

Acquisition and Mergers as Exit Strategy for the Company:

The advancement of the company in the market industry guarantees that the business road taken is promising to the general company operations. To expand, the company can take opt to merge with another company or acquire an organization in the same market industry. Through this exit strategy, there will be a win-win situation since the organization through the stated strategies have complementary ...

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The solution discusses options entrepreneurs have for an exit strategy as their venture become promising, and what are the considerations they must take into account for the various options.