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    Women in Depression, Prosperity, and War, 1920-1945

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    How did the Great Depression and World War II affect women's work lives?

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    Women in America saw a great change in their social status, policital involvement and placement in the work force between the years of 1930 to 1960. The Depression, pre and post World War II, and the beginning of sexual and feminist movements gave powerful fuel to fire up the advancement for women's rights.
    For women in politics this was a time of first and reform. Prohibition had successfully made the possession of alcohol illegal but was soon repelled in 1932. This added to the social freedom of drinking. Women had the right to vote, but were still banned from holding public office. The first women Senator, Hattie Caraway, was elected in 1933 to represent the State of Arkansas. Also in 1945 the first women Ambassador ...

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    The expert examines how the Great Depression and World War II affect women's work lives.