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The connection between various revolutions

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Describe how the Scientific Revolution, the Democratic/Political Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the Modern Technological Revolution (i.e. the period from about 1900 to the present) relate to one another. Give examples of events, people, and or concepts of time periods and how the revolutions link together in a constant thread of history.

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A description of the relationship between the Scienctific Revolution, the Democratic/Political Revolution and the Modern Technological Revolution is provided in this solution.

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The Industrial Revolution refers to a period of massive, economic , technological, social and cultural which affected humans to such an extent that it is often compared to the change from hunter-gatherer to farming. The tern industrial revolution was used to describe the period by the 1830's but modern historians have increasingly referred to this period as the first Industrial Revolution, characterized by development in textiles, iron and steam led by Britain, to differentiate it from a "second revolution " beginning later in the century and characterized by steel, electrics and automobiles led by Germany and the United States.

During the Industrial Revolution the following changed:
The invention of steam power, which was used to power factories and transport and enabled deeper mining.
Improvement of iron making techniques allowing for higher production levels.
Better machine tools that allowed for more and advanced machines.
Developments in chemical production.
The creation of new and quicker transport networks due to canals and railways.

Some parallels between the Technological Revolution and the Industrial Revolution include the growth of trade during the Industrial Revolution as compared to the growth of computer processing speed. In many ways the computer is representative of Industrial Revolution advances in steam power and electricity. Similarly our cable/fiber optic/wireless networks have expanded quickly. These networks are the transport infrastructure of the future. They are the roads, canals and rail systems that future commerce will come to depend on. During the Industrial Revolution massive growth in an individual's production capacity and the world seemed to become a "smaller place." During the Technological Revolution similar grwoth and production and productivity ...

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