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Study Guide: US History to 1877

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Task: Please assist me in creating a study guide which includes important identification terms and study questions from the American Revolution through to the New Republic era.

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Study Guide

I. Identification:

1. Bunker Hill
2. Declaration of Independence
3. Loyalists
4. George Washington
5. Trenton and Princeton
6. Saratoga
7. Yorktown
8. Treaty of Paris (1783)
9. Articles of Confederation
10. Northwest Ordinance
11. Daniel Shays
12. Philadelphia Convention
13. Alexander Hamilton
14. Thomas Jefferson
15. John Adams
16. Edmund Genet
17. Impressment
18. Jay's Treaty
19. Pinckney's Treaty
20. XYZ Affair
21. Alien and Sedition Acts
22. Virginia and Kentucky Resolution
23. "Revolution of 1800"
24. Louisiana Purchase
25. Lewis and Clark Expedition
26. Aaron Burr
27. Embargo Act
28. James Madison
29. "War hawks"
30. War of 1812
31. Battle of Tippecanoe
32. Battle of New Orleans
33. Hartford Convention
34. Treaty of Ghent
35. Rush-Bagot Treaty
36. Adams-Onis Treaty
37. National Road
38. Turnpikes
39. Samuel Slater
40. Lowell Girls
41. Henry Clay
42. American System
43. John Marshall
44. Marbury v. Madison
45. Fletcher v. Peck
46. Cohens v. Virginia
47. Dartmouth College v. Woodward
48. McCulloch v. Maryland
49. Gibbons v. Ogden
50. Era of Good Feeling
51. Missouri Compromise
52. Monroe Doctrine

II. Study Questions:

1. What were America's war aims, and what problems did the revolutionary government experience in carrying out a protracted war?
2. What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? Whose ideas are largely represented in it?
3. How successful was the Continental Army in the early stages of the war? What was the psychological significance of the battles of Trenton and Princeton?
4. What was Britain's grand strategy of 1777? Why did it fail? Why ...

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This solution provides key terms and study questions for students preparing for a US History exam. The terms and questions focus on themes in US History from the American Revolution through to the New Republic. This is completed in about 1000 words.