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Study Guide for US History up until 1877

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I need a comprehensive guide for studying for United States History to 1877. Please include important terms and questions for the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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This solution provides key terms and study questions for students preparing for a US History exam. The terms and questions focus on themes in US History from the Civil War to Reconstruction. This solution is 962 words.

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I. Identification

King Cotton
Gabriel Prosser
Nat Turner
Wage slaves
Election of 1844
"Fifty-four forty or fight!"
free soil concept
Slidell mission
"Young Americans"
Ostend Manifesto
"Bleeding Kansas"
Sumner-Brooks affair
Border ruffians
John Brown
Lecompton Constitution
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Freeport Doctrine
Dred Scott v. Sanford
Harper's Ferry
Election of 1860
Crittenden Compromise
Radical Republicans
Anaconda Plan
David Farragut
George McClellan
Robert E. Lee
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
William T. Sherman
Ulysses S. Grant
Election of 1864
Wade-Davis Bill
Homestead Act
Morrill Act
Black codes
Freedmen's Bureau
Civil Rights Act of 1866
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Charles Sumner
Thaddeus Stevens
Tenure of Office Act
Grant scandals
Ku Klux Klan
Compromise of 1877

II. Study Questions

1. Discuss the industry in the Northeast (1840-1860) including the reasons for its rapid growth and its effects on the section's development. Why did the Northeast and the Northwest become economically depended upon each other? How did their economic ties effect the South?

2. With regard to the North's economy: a. What working and living conditions did the Northern laborers face? b. Why didn't unions become an important force before the Civil War? c. What factors prevented class conflict from becoming a national problem? d. What was the "cult of ...

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