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Social consequences of the Industrial Revolution

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What were the two most important social consequences of the Industrial Revolution?

How do the Industrial Revolution and capitalism relate?

Discuss how communism developed after the rise of capitalism and identify two key differences.

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Discusses the social consequences of the Industrial Revolution, the relationship with capitalism and communism.

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The two most important factors to emanate from the Industrial revolution were capitalism and American imperialism. Prior to the industrial revolution Americans were isolationists who enjoyed the security of two oceans separating them from the often conflict that occurred in Europe. American's saw no need in engaging in the type of Imperialistic takeovers of other countries that the European countries often engaged in, but after the industrial revolution following the civil war America began its manifest destiny expansion taking control of vast territories from the Philippines in Southeast Asia to many countries in Latin America. One of the primary reasons for this was the rise of capitalism resulting from the industrial revolution which entailed that America needed to have more places to retrieve the resources necessary to make the products and more markets to sell their products in. Without the industrial revolution America would have not become the juggernaut it ...

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