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Romantic Age and Enlightenment Period

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Identify key examples of philosophy that reflect developments in world events and cultural patterns during the Romantic Age and during the Enlightenment period.

25 words rationalizing each. Consider how well the example you have chosen reflects the developments in world events and cultural patterns.

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This 532 word response includes 4 references. It identifies key examples of philosophy and development in world events and culture during the romantic and enlightenment age.

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The Romantic Age and the Enlightenment Age are two of the most fascinating times in history. Both periods of time were very influential politically as the ideas of many were changed to reflect a more thought centric society
The Age of Enlightenment
The age of enlightenment brought about a shift from faith based ideas to ideas that could be seen through scientific study and nature.
Popularization of Science
One key example seen in the age of enlightenment is the popularization of science. Science drove new printing methods, which allowed the public in mass to become more educated (Hackett, 1992). This education gave way to better opportunities for better paying jobs and new ways of producing needed items, such as, food. This in turn allowed people of the age to use more of their resources for educational pursuits.
Faith in Nature and Human Progress
People began to ...

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