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    Presidential and Radical Reconstruction in States

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    Describe the differences between Presidential Reconstruction and Radical Reconstruction.

    Page #1: Which Reconstruction (Presidential or Radical) was more challenging for the Southern states to fulfill? Why was it more challenging?

    Page #2: Which of the reconstructions (Presidential or Radical) provided more benefit to the freedmen? Why?

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    There were massive differences between Presidential Reconstruction promulgated by President Andrew Jackson and those supported by the Radical Republicans. Presidential Reconstruction was predicated upon the views held by Mr. Jackson that only Whites should guide implementation back into the union.

    Therefore, policies were devised to ensure that this goal would be met with the difference between these policies and those suggested by the Radical Republicans wide. Under Presidential Reconstruction a rapid and conservative Reconstruction with very few economic or social changes was implemented. Those from the Confederacy would face little repercussions from their succession. This meant punishing as few people and states as possible and instating government officials that mostly shared President Andrew Jackson's view of white power or quintessentially the old plantation class that started the civil war. To ...

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    Discussion which type of reconstruction was more difficult for the states to fill.