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Identify the historical issue for juvenile delinquency in the US. Identify several peer-reviewed journal articles for this topic, and provide annotated notes for each reference.

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Topic ideas are generated briefly within this solution using some APA articles when assessing relevant topics within juvenile justice.

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Welcome warmly to BrainMass! Please rate 5/5 for my sample ideas and APA references to generate ideas for your annotated outline and bibliography.

I chose the topic of the existence of a school-to-prison pipeline in American juvenile history, a legacy that still impacts us today in 2017 in the quest for equity and social justice.

Here are some articles to ponder:

Llorente, M. (2014). Help Us Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Children's Rights Litigation, 16(3), 13-21.

Llorente (2014) offers some ideas for the dismantling of the historically and educationally embedded school-to-prison pipeline. The writer urges more unification among not only the American Bar Association but also more unity among teachers, educational stakeholders, communities, and legislators to promote an improvement of American school climate and culture by integrating more federal guiding ...

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