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Salem Witch Trials

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Were the Salem Witch Trials a peculiar, aberrant moment in an age of superstition, or did they reflect common human psychological and social anxieties that could appear in any age? How harshly should those who prosecuted the "witches" be condemned?

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Understanding human needs of safety and security.

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In reading your question, I believe that you can find the answer very easily on your own if you sit and think about it.

In history, people have always looked for one thing thing above all. Safety/Security.

From the beginning of time, safety has been the driving force behind most human action. After all, why is it that we have governments, or civic groups, or neighborhood watches. Way do we give up certain rights and pay taxes to an entity that represents us? They all promote safety.

In the US, the everyday person pays the government thousands of dollars over there lifetime in taxes. WHY? Are we that dependent on interstates, or education programs, or Lotto? No. The US government ...

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