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Different Roles and Lives of Slaves in the Slave System

Slaves filled many roles within the slave system. Compare and contrast the roles played and lives led by the field worker, the house servant, and the artisan. Did any of the three fare better than the others under the slave system? Why or why not?

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It should be noted that the greatest impact on the lifestyle of the slaves was the character and personality of the master. Regardless of their specific job on a plantation, slaves lived and died by the master's word. If a master was authoritarian, a heavy drinker, or simply sadistic, these slaves often faced a brutal existence. On the other hand, there were numerous slave owners who were relatively open-minded and benevolent. They taught slaves to read and write, gave them extra food, only beat them if they tried to escape, and allowed them to earn their freedom.

House servants were generally better off physically and materially than both artisans and field workers. They did not have to wake up as early as either of the others. ...

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The different roles and lives of slaves in the slave system is determined. The expert compares and contrasts the roles played and lives led by the field workers, the house servant and the artisans.