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Please define the following for me: isolationism, "new" immigration, and "new" KKK.

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This solution provides definitions for Isolationism, "New" Immigration, and "New" KKK.

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You asked for definitions of isolationism, new immigration and new KKK as it relates to American History.

I. Isolationism

1. a policy of nonparticipation in or withdrawal from international economic and political affairs and relations, an attitude favouring such a policy

2."iso'lationist noun, adjective

II. New Immigration:

The "new immigrants" came during the period of intense industrial development known as the gilded age as well as the reaction to this growth during the progressive era. This period immediately following the Civil War and extending up until the 1920's. These immigrants came to America from areas that had not traditionally supplied settlers to the US. The lands of southern Europe and eastern Europe such as Italy, Russia, Poland and Greece, as well as Asian locales such as China and Japan.

Why Did They Come?
Immigrants came to America during these eras mostly for economic opportunities. As the United States saw unprecedented industrial growth following the Civil War an unprecedented demand for labor, mostly cheap and unskilled, also grew. The vast majority of these "new immigrants" came here seeking work and the dream of going from "rags to riches".

Political Reasons - Some New Immigrants such as Russian and Ukrainian Jews came seeking refuge from religious oppression by governments at home.

Social Reasons - One idea that gave motivation to many immigrants leaving their homelands for America ...

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