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Bill of Rights and Amendment VII

This job selects an amendment to the Constitution and writes up an outline about the selected amendment. Outlines should cover the historical setting the amendment was conceived in, the impact that it has had on society and on the individual team members, and any court cases that have helped clarify its meaning.

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The first Amendment was adopted mainly because of a public outcry when the original text of the Constitution was sent out to the states for ratification. Many Americans such as Patrick Henry believed that, with our specific rights not enumerated, that unscrupulous members of government would assume that we did not have them. It was important to many segments of society, including religious minorities such as Baptists, to have their freedoms guaranteed, for they had suffered persecution in the past. The amendment was written up by James Madison, and was ratified December 15th, 1791.

The first amendment has been one of the most discussed portions of the Constitution, ...

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This job features the Bill of Rights and Amendment VII.