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    Patriots and British: Strength and Weaknesses

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    Assess both Patriot and British strengths and weaknesses when the Revolution began. How did the United States win the War against such a powerful adversary?

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    My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes today regarding the outcome of the Revolutionary War. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

    In this posting, you asked about the strengths and weaknesses of the Patriots, in comparison to the British. Let's begin with the British.

    The British has the support of England, and the crown. Remember, at this time in the world's history, England was one of the wealthiest regions of the world, and they had both economic and logistical power. In addition, they had ...

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    A comparison of the strengths and weaknesses on the both sides of the Revolutionary War, along with a summary of factors contributing to Patriot victory.