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    Winning American Independence and the Role France Played

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    Summarize the course and conduct of the Revolutionary War after 1778, and describe the key role played by France in the final victory at Yorktown.

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    The course of the war changed in 1778 due to the fact that the Revolutionary War became a world war for the British. In 1777 after the Continental Army defeated the British at Saratoga, France finally was persuaded to officially enter the war against Britain. France was eager to get revenge on Britain, and therefore had secretly supplied the Americans throughout much of the war. After the American vicotry at Saratoga Louis XVI was convinced the Americans could defeat the British and as a result France, in 1778, offered a treaty of alliance, offering America continued financial support and recognition of its independence. Additionally, in 1779, Spain and Holland entered the war against ...

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    This solution addresses how the course of the American Revolution changed after 1778. In this 450 word explanation, the impact of the war in the Southern colonies is addressed as well as how the French alliance with the Americans helped secure a victory for the United States.