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Modern Technologies Identified

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Identify a small number of modern technologies (not more than three) that had, and continue to have, the greatest effects on the lives of everyday people. The effects can be positive, negative, or both.

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The modern technologies identified are examined.

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Hi there! Thanks so much for letting me respond to your post and offer you the best I can. I hope you find it helpful for engaging the subject and recognizing your opinion's worth sharing!

It seems your question definitely wants you to focus on only a small number of inventions. Three is a pretty small number when considering how many inventions are out there, so I can totally understand if it's tough to choose and a little overwhelming! What's going to help best are setting some ideas, a few sources to get you started, and a good structure to the essay. I'll include the structure a little later on.

First, let's narrow it down a bit. In my most honest opinion, and I do have to be honest, there are only four, maybe five that I would consider that "most influential" inventions. Those would be things like the Internet, the automobile, the phone (which extends to cell phones), radar technology and probably atomic/nuclear energy (most commonly associated with the bomb of the same name, of course). These things all influence current day situations. I'll include some links below, too, but here are the thoughts. The Internet obviously reaches far because of its lack of boundaries and its clear openness for expression and speech; it even organized those rebellions in places like Egypt. The automobile, for transportation purposes yes, but also because the auto runs on...fossil fuels, which is a big driving force in not only economy, but global warming; so that has a lot to talk about. The phone, well, everyone has a phone now, don't they? And the technology just keeps increasing; you can do practically ANYTHING on a ...

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