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    Lincoln's Radical Republicans

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    How radical, in economic and political terms, were the Radical Republicans (Lincoln & Co.)?

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    Radical Republicans: How Radical?

    Radicalism is from the Latin word radix which meant root. When we refer to a radical, we refer to someone or a group of people who are rooting for a change in the political and social order making a radical a critique of what is general and mainstream. The Radical Republicans were a loose but easily cohesive faction of American politicians in the Republican Party (established by Lincoln & Co. pre-Civil War) from 1854 to 1877 which incidentally ...

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    The solution is a concise discussion of the Radical Republicans, the influential core group established by Abraham Lincoln. Just how radical they were in economic and political terms is the subject of this narrative. Core group members and their 'radical' actions and views as well as their office and influence is included in the discussion. References are listed for further research on the topic.