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Investigation into alleged "hauntings" in the United Kingdom

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Wiseman, R., Watt, C., Stevens, P., Greening, E., & O'Keeffe, C. (2003). An investigation into alleged "hauntings." British journal of Psychology, 94, 195-211.
In one page, give following details:

1. Give a summary on article
2. Tell what you like about the article and what are some things you will change about the article
3. Give your opinion about the article and based on what u change about the article what are some of your expectations
4. References/cite sources.

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The solution discusses the investigation into alleged "hauntings" in the UK.

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1. Give a summary on article
This article chose to delve into the supernatural and examine witness accounts of their experiences with unusual phenomena such as apparitions, sudden changes in temperature, or strong senses of presences within an area that is believed to be haunted by supernatural forces. The experiences were documented in two separate locations within England and Scotland. The two places examined were both castles with long histories of reported hauntings or sightings of supernatural forces. The Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, England and the South Bridge ...

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