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    Articles of Confederation

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    Analyze the federal government as it existed under the Articles of Confederation. What were some of the issues that the United States had to deal with under the Articles of Confederation? How did the Articles fail to live up to the needs of the new nation?

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    Articles of Confederation
    The American Articles of Confederation is considered one of the most important documents of America as a nation in that it was written to present and establish the formal agreement between all the original 13 States to unite and be one nation so that it serves as America's first Constitution. The writing took about a year from 1776-1777 but formal ratification came through in 1781. Even while unratified, the Articles of Confederation served as a system for the Continental Congress made up of the 13 states to direct the young nation's affairs and conduct from the warfront to domestic and diplomatic issues during the American Revolutionary War. The document contains a preamble, 13 articles, a conclusion and a section for signatories. Article 1's ...

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