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From Latin to Rise of the Vernacular.

Before the twelfth century, the Latin language was used among the educated and within literature. Research and write about the origins of vernacular language and its spread. Also research and write on what the impacts of the spread of vernacular languages had on cultures during this period. Must be at least 3 pages in APA format.

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I have provided assistance on this very problem several times before and the feedback that I received from my student has encouraged me to ensure that I provide a similar assistance to you. While this might appear difficult, it is quite manageable. Essentially, you either focus on the history of Vernacular languages or you go down the path that traces the history of Latin and the subsequent rise of vernacular overtaking Latin as the language of governance and the elite. I think that you should focus on the latter but that you should structure your paper in such a way that provides information on both. I suggest this outline:

1) The Rise of Latin - historically, what led to the rise of Latin as the language of the educated and the elite? (300 words)
a) Origin of the language
b) Rise & spread

2) The Rise of the Vernacular (400 words)
a) Introduction to the change - the works that exemplify the rise
b) The role of the church
c) The role of social theatre

3) Impact (400 words)
a) Impact in thinking
b) Impact in the creation of national identities

This outline should cover all the discussions necessary. Check your current materials for all the information that is applicable as your professor will be expecting them included in your paper. Also, be aware of chronology in the use of dates to situate the event in history, this is a history course after all.


Language allows for meaning to be communicated. Through this people come to understand each other, have their views sent across and they can come into dialogue and discourse to exchange ideas, establish practices and via this, lay down ideas and create foundations of knowledge and culture. Without language or man's ability to communicate, civilization would not have happened. For the modern Western civilization, Latin was that foundation language that established knowledge and social structures that allowed for the establishment and growth of the Roman Empire. In this study, I will present the origin of Latin and its rise to prominence and how and why it was replaced by Vernacular language plus the impact of that replacement.

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in putting together a paper on the topic of the origins of the use of the Vernacular Language as well as the history the utilization of Latin and how vernacular replaced it. An outline for such a paper is suggested and key information is provided following the outline. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic and it includes over 1000 words.