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Frankenstein and the pursuit of science and knowledge

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What do you think Frankenstein says about the pursuit of science and knowledge? What does the film have to say about scientists? Please cite specfic examples from the websites? To (re) familiarize yourself with the 1931 film, there are serveral clips on the internet that can be either streamed or download.

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Frankenstein's themes about the pursuit of science and knowledge are presented.

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Since Frankenstein is one of my favorite books, I have deep interest in this posting. However, your focus is on the film version from 1931. As a result, I offer some of my notes and interpretations about what the movie says about the pursuit of science and knowledge to guide your own formations. Good luck and thanks again for supporting BM!

First of all, I feel that the film, though a dated one now, is making some excellent implications and even criticism about science. For example, I think that the film is critiquing how science often lacks ethical coverage as shown in the scene where Frankenstein is burying a human corpse after a failed experiment. I think the use ...

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