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Role of Bourgeois During the 16th - 18th Centuries

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Analyze the role of the Bourgeois during the 16th - 18th century in Europe.

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The Bourgeoisie class emerged on the European scene during the decline of the feudal system. Throughout the Dark Ages, the social climate was regulated by the aristocracy and feudal lords. There were vassals, kings and serfs. The atmosphere was largely dominated by war and conflict. However, as society progressed to a more civilized state, towns grew in prominence. The towns turned out products and society began to be ruled by merchants and suppliers of goods, the bourgeoisie.

Money was an important factor in ...

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The bourgeois became a more prominent force during the 16th through the 18th century as a stronger middle class emerged in Europe. The shift of economic power transferred from the country estates to the city centers.