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    The Donation of Constantine

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    In this posting, students will understand the significance of the Donation of Constantine. Students will also learn of the power struggles between the throne and the church and how the Donation of Constantine impact both the throne and the papacy at the time.

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    The collapse of the Roman Empire had a downward effect on both the political and religious systems. Both systems became unstable. In the past, the emperor was seen as the "supreme military authority" and "first of citizens". But now that the church had this newfound power, the leader, the Pope, was seen to also have great power. It was unclear which of the two had the supreme authority. The emperor dominated Constantinople. The church in Western Europe was not unified. ...

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    The Donation of Constantine highlights how both the throne and the papacy used each other to confirm their power and the impact that the document had on both the political and religious systems around the time of the Roman Empire.