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Conservative ascendancy in America

Donald Critchlow's book surveys and interprets the rise of conservatism in American
politics following World War II. Please answer these two questions:
1. Conservatism was politically marginal in the mid-1940s, and yet by the 1980s it
had re-shaped national politics. What do you think was the most important factor
(or factors) that allowed for the conservative ascendency?
2. Critchlow lays out numerous developments and turning points that pushed along
the conservative ascendency. While there were clearly many important turning
points during conservatism rise to power for example, Barry Goldwater's
1964 electoral run, or the creation of the Moral Majority in the late 1970s,
what do you think was the most important turning point or development, and

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Critchlow's Conservatism

American political theorist Donald Critchlow (2007) believed that conservative American politicians, particularly today's Republican Party, has, over the years through policies, strategies, key factions and alliances had built a ' well-disciplined, highly-structured, well-financed and soundly organized political machine able to mobilize partisan support at grassroots level.' His landmark 2007 book, 'The conservative ascendancy: how the GOP right made political history' traces the history of the Republican Right, and how, despite losses time and again, they return with what he calls 'an explosive force' that affects and controls American politics. He believes that the ascent of the GOP Right is not preordained, nor is it the inevitable result of political victories. He proposes, by tracing the Republican Right's history, that within the party, the Republican Right struggled deeply with the left just as the conservatives battled fiercely as a party against the liberals. For him, it was much more influenced by historical ...

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Using Donald's Critchlow's views via his books, "Phyllis Schlafly and grassroots conservatism: a woman's crusade" and "The conservative ascendancy: how the GOP right made political history", the solution tracks and discusses the rise of Conservatism in America and is divided into the following sub-topics: the factors that led to conservative ascendancy and the most important turning point that pushed conservatism front and center. References are listed for further studies.