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Church Development and Pope Innocent III in Medieval Times

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What was the policy during the development of the church and the role of the Pope during the medieval time?

What was the role of Pope Innocent III during the medieval time.

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This solution provides an overview of the policy of the Catholic church during it's early development. additionally, this solution outlines the role of Pope Innocent III during medieval times,

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- What was the policy during the development of the church and the role of the pope during the medieval times?

The pope gained power during the Middle Ages. With the weakening and eventual destruction of the Western Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, led by the pope, became increasingly important. The church served as a stabilizing force in a world growing ever more chaotic. Leo the Great, pope from 440 to 461 is credited with halting Attila the Hun's military campaign before he destroyed Rome. Pope Gregory (590-604) encouraged the Christianization of Spain and also sent missionaries to England. The pope's power continued to grow to the point that by the year 800 it was the pope who crowned Charlemagne as the Holy ...

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