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Candide's characters

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As in many pieces of literature, an entourage of minor characters accompanies Candide and assists and/or hampers his journey. Voltaire has these characters express his personal ideas and criticisms of contemporary French society and politics. Discuss how any one of these minor characters acts as a spokesman for Voltaire's complaints about French politics, society and culture in the early 18th century.

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Candide characterizations are briefly analyzed. The expert discusses how any one of the minor characters acts as a spokesman for Voltaire's complaints about French politics.

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Of course, as you know, we here at Brain Mass do not write papers for students. We can give you some ideas as to how to build one, however.

OK, let's look at "the farmer." He is a fairly minor character and does not even have a name. He is of immense significance, however. He shows up in some detail in Chapter 30. I think a decent angle to take might be his "simplicity."

in Chapter 30, boredom seems to be the main theme. The hard working farmer, simple in his tastes and focused in his basic ideas, suggests the proper ...

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